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"Where knowledge finds it's path of fulfilling many dreams"

IIDIKA is a comprehensive Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Consultancy Service unit. that operates and contributes to society by the means of advanced technology and efficient human resources simultaneously, providing accurate assistance to the Legal, Financial, and Strategic operational needs of an individual and their establishment.

Our team nurtures a balance between new and experienced talents who have expertise in their domain and caters only to logical outcomes pertaining to one’s growth. IIDIKA, bases its strategic support on on-demand client needs and formulates better performance in a lean and sustainable form. We diversify ourselves by integrating a timeless approach for all future synergy.

Arnab Ghosal


Mr. Ghosal is a philanthropist, and his extensive presence among all is a confidence builder. Areas of Expertise: Start-up management, Legal Artificial Intelligence/ Legal Tech, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, besides he is a social contributor to Legal Aid and spreading of Legal Democracy among all.

Education &qualifications: MBA (Masters of Business Administration) Edinburgh Napier University-United Kingdom, BA LL.B (Bachelor of Arts & Legum Baccalaureus) Amity University- Noida

Debdeep Mukherjee


Mr. Mukherjee is an exponential individual, his leadership is just not reflected here at IIDIKA but also in his different other start-ups. His immense zeal to learn new things and turn them into a gold mine is always a key contribution.

Areas of Expertise: Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing Strategies, and his contribution to the social development program make him an empath and a person with beautiful thoughts.

Education and qualification: B.Com (Marketing & Marketing Management)

Shekhar Banerjee

Legal Advisor/HOD - CSR

Mr. Banerjee is an perfectionist and a philosopher. He is an epitome to all new beginnings. He is the head of CSR unit and a propagandist to new age modernised social relief mechanism. His down to earth approach to every critical ambit is always an example of the deep rooted knowledge about his core and his surroundings. Areas of Expertise: Children Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Legal Aid (Co- Founder Amity Legal Aid Cell).

Education and qualification: BA LL.B (Bachelor of Arts & Legum Baccalaureus) Amity University- Noida Certifications: Children Human Rights – (University of Geneva). IPR in the modern age ~Grade: A+ (Indian Law Institute).

Satadru Mitra

Technology Advisor

Mr. Mitra is a binder of fields, he is a full-stack developer and challenges himself with problem-solving mechanisms for wired yet functional ideas. He currently is the chief of technology of the ROMANIAN Company - MARSILIAN. His objective in life is to create something new and keep creating for the generations to come.

Areas of Expertise: Web developer, feature developer, full stack coder, Med-Tech Incorporating new technological avenues.

Education & qualifications: Calcutta Institute Of Engineering And Management Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Computer Science.

Apoorva Singh

Legal Administrative Consultant

Ms. Singh is a creative legal practitioner, her perspective on legal outlook comes from the openness and acceptance of growth. Her growth in the legal field is an inspiring story of breaking the stereotypical standards and her definite social presence is an everyday motivation for the new age aspiring pursuant of legal education. Besides being a lawyer her paintings have awed many from far and beyond.

Areas of Expertise: Criminal justice, Financial Crimes, Investigative Research, Legal Research- Socio-Economic wellbeing of State. Social Strategies & CSR.

Education and qualification: BBA LL.B (Bachelor of Business Administration & Legum Baccalaureus) Amity University- Noida. Certifications: PGDM in Alternate Dispute Resolution- (Indian Law Institute), IPR in Patent & Copyrights (National Law School of India University- Bengaluru).